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10 Best Gaming devices for PC Gamers

All Gamers in the house would agree that gaming is the best hobby. It helps ease your mind, improve your competitive skills and most importantly lets you have a good time. Let us talk about some of the best gaming devices available to all PC Gamers.

  • Logitech flight system

This is one of the best gaming devices you will ever own. It has special features which make you feel like you are actually in the air on a plane! The reason behind this is the force feedback effect present in the joystick of the Logitech Flight System. If, becoming a pilot was always your dream then this is definitely going to make you feel like one. It even has all the buttons and illumination which gives a realistic feel.

  • Razer Nostromo

If you are want something that gives you both comfort and style in one gaming device then go for Razer Nostromo. Its design specifically includes a rubber-padded wrist rest to make your gaming experience painless.

  • Logitech G930 Gaming Headset

Don’t you get irritated when people are talking while you are trying to focus on your game? This headset will be your friend. This is great for multiplayer games which involve a high-quality sound system. Isolate the world and only interact with your team player through this device.

  • Thundermaster T Flight Hotas X Flight Stick

If you are into programming your own devices then this is made just for you! This device is designed to incorporate a lot of movements and functions. You can even add resistance as a function in this device. If you have this then you are going to enjoy your gaming time.

  • Razer Naga

If you play games on your PC then you might be a victim of wrist pains. Spending long hours on your mouse can cause a lot of problems. Good news is that Razer Naga is a mouse that is designed ergonomically to give you comfort while playing. It even has advanced functions which makes it a good gaming device.

  • Cyborg amBX

If, you like creating an environment while playing to make you feel like a professional gamer, then check out Cyborg amBX. These are gaming lights which create an aura of a Game Zone at home. Like disco lights make you feel like partying, similarly, gaming lights motivate you to play.

  • Thrustmaster TH8RS Gearbox

Like the name suggests this is a Gearbox which is designed with 7 gears and 1 reverse gear. This not only improves your performance but also makes you look like a pro.


Want to feel like a Spider-Man? This glove will make you feel like the king of the world. It is designed to incorporate 30 actions. It also includes 18 touchpoints and 3 activator pads. And don’t worry about your hand sweating because the material used to make this device is completely breathable.

  • Optoma PT105 Gaming LED Projector

If you are bored playing games on your PC or TV then take it to a new level. With this device, you can play games anywhere you want. You just need a wall! This device can project a 60inch big display so you will have a clear view of your game.

  • Logitech G9X Programmable Gaming Mouse

If you are obsessed with customizing then this device is made for you. As per your convenience, you can customize two interchangeable grips of this mouse. You can even customize its weights depending on your requirement.

These are just 10 devices that Gamers should know about. My PC Wala has many more devices like these to provide you with good user experience, high-quality sound, and comfort. Our products are available at affordable prices and some even have discount offers going on! So, check out our website to see it for yourself:

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