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2019’s Best Gaming Accessories and Consoles

Wireless Game Accessories

If you are reading this then you are likely to be a gamer. You might spend your days playing Call of duty, Counter Strike Go, Modern Combat 5, Battlefield 1 and the list goes on. Many people are bombarded with work-related pressure. To escape from the stresses of life they choose to spend time in virtual reality by playing video games.

Enthusiastic gamers are always on top of new accessories and consoles that are out in the market.

There are several types of gaming consoles available. They cater to all types of gamers – stay at home ones and the ones on the go Wireless Game Accessories.

Home Video gaming consoles

  • Nintendo Wii U – If you prefer staying at home then Nintendo Wii U is the best. It has enhanced feature compared to its predecessor Wii.
  • Sony Playstation 3
  • Microsoft Xbox 360
  • ZAPiT Game Wave
  • Sony Playstation 4

Handheld gaming consoles

We have come a long way from Nintendo Virtual Boy, which was released in 1995. It was one of the first few handheld consoles to be launched. Now, we have more compact and advanced handheld gaming devices.

  • Nintendo Switch
  • Nvidia Shield Portable
  • Playstation Vita 8th generation
  • Nintendo 3DS – Designed with 2 different screens to give a 3D experience to the gamer.

New Gen way of playing video games

These are not the only gaming console options available to gamers. Majority of non-gamers have also started using their handheld phones to get a flavor of the gaming world. The advanced smartphones have a good touch screen and a high definition, which creates the illusion as you are playing on a gaming console. They have various benefits as well –

  • Cost effective – as you won’t spend extra on a gaming console
  • Accessible – you can forget carrying your gaming console but you will always have your phone

You can’t enjoy your gaming experience without some nice accessories. We have a list of some exceptional gaming accessories, which you should buy now!

  • Rapoo V110 Wired USB Gaming Keyboard (Black) – it has a right-handed design with a colorful breathing light and customizable real-time resolution adjustment
  • Tharmaltake gaming chair – which provides you comfort while playing. It has a backrest with lumbar support, seat rest with dense foam padding and the best part is – it makes you feel like you are in a game zone.

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