10 Best Gaming devices for PC Gamers

All Gamers in the house would agree that gaming is the best hobby. It helps ease your mind, improve your competitive skills and most importantly lets you have a good time. Let us talk about some of the best gaming devices available to all PC Gamers.

  • Logitech flight system

This is one of the best gaming devices you will ever own. It has special features which make you feel like you are actually in the air on a plane! The reason behind this is the force feedback effect present in the joystick of the Logitech Flight System. If, becoming a pilot was always your dream then this is definitely going to make you feel like one. It even has all the buttons and illumination which gives a realistic feel.

  • Razer Nostromo

If you are want something that gives you both comfort and style in one gaming device then go for Razer Nostromo. Its design specifically includes a rubber-padded wrist rest to make your gaming experience painless.

  • Logitech G930 Gaming Headset

Don’t you get irritated when people are talking while you are trying to focus on your game? This headset will be your friend. This is great for multiplayer games which involve a high-quality sound system. Isolate the world and only interact with your team player through this device.

  • Thundermaster T Flight Hotas X Flight Stick

If you are into programming your own devices then this is made just for you! This device is designed to incorporate a lot of movements and functions. You can even add resistance as a function in this device. If you have this then you are going to enjoy your gaming time.

  • Razer Naga

If you play games on your PC then you might be a victim of wrist pains. Spending long hours on your mouse can cause a lot of problems. Good news is that Razer Naga is a mouse that is designed ergonomically to give you comfort while playing. It even has advanced functions which makes it a good gaming device.

  • Cyborg amBX

If, you like creating an environment while playing to make you feel like a professional gamer, then check out Cyborg amBX. These are gaming lights which create an aura of a Game Zone at home. Like disco lights make you feel like partying, similarly, gaming lights motivate you to play.

  • Thrustmaster TH8RS Gearbox

Like the name suggests this is a Gearbox which is designed with 7 gears and 1 reverse gear. This not only improves your performance but also makes you look like a pro.


Want to feel like a Spider-Man? This glove will make you feel like the king of the world. It is designed to incorporate 30 actions. It also includes 18 touchpoints and 3 activator pads. And don’t worry about your hand sweating because the material used to make this device is completely breathable.

  • Optoma PT105 Gaming LED Projector

If you are bored playing games on your PC or TV then take it to a new level. With this device, you can play games anywhere you want. You just need a wall! This device can project a 60inch big display so you will have a clear view of your game.

  • Logitech G9X Programmable Gaming Mouse

If you are obsessed with customizing then this device is made for you. As per your convenience, you can customize two interchangeable grips of this mouse. You can even customize its weights depending on your requirement.

These are just 10 devices that Gamers should know about. My PC Wala has many more devices like these to provide you with good user experience, high-quality sound, and comfort. Our products are available at affordable prices and some even have discount offers going on! So, check out our website to see it for yourself: www.mypcwala.com

Trendy Computer and Laptop Accessories 2019

Have you recently bought a new Laptop/computer and need to jazz it up a bit? Accessorizing is a new trend everyone seems to be following. These days every household have multiple electronic devices. They like to set them apart by accessorizing it in a different way.

The way your laptop looks can reveal something about your personality. For example, a businessman usually prefers darker tone accessories on their laptop. They have sleek, stylish and sophisticated covers for their gadgets; it helps complement their professional appearance. On the other hand, you must have seen students go for vibrant colors to add character to their gadgets.

The recent accessories for Computer and Laptop of 2019 are:

  • Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Gone are days of wires surrounding your computer. There are wireless keyboards and mice available which makes it easy to work. There is no cluster of wires you need to untangle and it won’t take a lot of space in your laptop bags.

There are different types of wireless mouse available which you can choose from depending on your requirement.

  • Zebronics Dash Wireless Optical Mouse Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse(2.4 GHz Wireless, Black) – This has an advanced optical sensor technology. It is ergonomic and designed for comfort.
  • IBall Duo D1Combo Set is a stunning Keyboard and Mouse combo desk set. It has a piano-like finish and quick & easy multimedia controls.

You can check out some other wireless keyboards and mice here:

  • Keyboard and Laptop skin

Keyboard and Laptop cover help in making them less prone to scratches and in avoiding the accumulation of dirt in the keyboard.

There are several covers available online in different themes.

  •  Keyboard Cover Dust-Proof Silicone Keyboard Protector – There is a silicon keyboard cover which has a smooth texture and is dustproof. It’s also available in different designs. The best feature about this is that if you like eating while working then the waterproof cover will protect it from harming your laptop.   Check some out: https://www.mypcwala.com/category/mobile-accessories/
  • Multiple USB Ports

Don’t you think that there can never be enough USB ports in your Laptop? Then you need a USB Hub which has multiple ports to make your life easy. You can connect several devices to your computer at once and enjoy. Check some out:

  • Wireless Speakers

Everybody loves 100% sound quality with their laptop/computer. A good pair of Speakers can enhance your experience of watching a movie, watching sports games or listening to songs. If you don’t like to sit that close to your laptop bound with a wire then Wireless Speakers are the best.

  • IBall Breathless –BT49 4.1 Home Theater System (Black) is a full wood speaker for Deep and Pure sound. It has a higher bass with 6.55’’ Woofer.

Check others out here: https://www.mypcwala.com/category/computer-peripherals/speaker/

These are just some of the trendy Laptop and Computer accessories of 2019. You can find many more on our website with huge discounts. Visit now: https://www.mypcwala.com/

Wireless Game Accessories

2019’s Best Gaming Accessories and Consoles

If you are reading this then you are likely to be a gamer. You might spend your days playing Call of duty, Counter Strike Go, Modern Combat 5, Battlefield 1 and the list goes on. Many people are bombarded with work-related pressure. To escape from the stresses of life they choose to spend time in virtual reality by playing video games.

Enthusiastic gamers are always on top of new accessories and consoles that are out in the market.

There are several types of gaming consoles available. They cater to all types of gamers – stay at home ones and the ones on the go Wireless Game Accessories.

Home Video gaming consoles

  • Nintendo Wii U – If you prefer staying at home then Nintendo Wii U is the best. It has enhanced feature compared to its predecessor Wii.
  • Sony Playstation 3
  • Microsoft Xbox 360
  • ZAPiT Game Wave
  • Sony Playstation 4

Handheld gaming consoles

We have come a long way from Nintendo Virtual Boy, which was released in 1995. It was one of the first few handheld consoles to be launched. Now, we have more compact and advanced handheld gaming devices.

  • Nintendo Switch
  • Nvidia Shield Portable
  • Playstation Vita 8th generation
  • Nintendo 3DS – Designed with 2 different screens to give a 3D experience to the gamer.

New Gen way of playing video games

These are not the only gaming console options available to gamers. Majority of non-gamers have also started using their handheld phones to get a flavor of the gaming world. The advanced smartphones have a good touch screen and a high definition, which creates the illusion as you are playing on a gaming console. They have various benefits as well –

  • Cost effective – as you won’t spend extra on a gaming console
  • Accessible – you can forget carrying your gaming console but you will always have your phone

You can’t enjoy your gaming experience without some nice accessories. We have a list of some exceptional gaming accessories, which you should buy now!

  • Rapoo V110 Wired USB Gaming Keyboard (Black) – it has a right-handed design with a colorful breathing light and customizable real-time resolution adjustment
  • Tharmaltake gaming chair – which provides you comfort while playing. It has a backrest with lumbar support, seat rest with dense foam padding and the best part is – it makes you feel like you are in a game zone.

If you do not want to live without the latest gaming accessories and consoles of the year, then check out MyPCWala’s website: https://www.mypcwala.com/category/game/gaming-accessories/

Do not miss out! We also provide huge discounts on most of the products to tempt you into filling your carts.

Apple-(Core I5 7th Gen)/8 GB DDR4

Why you should Buy Apple-(Core I5 (7th Gen)/8 GB DDR4/

While buying an Apple computer system, the situation sometimes gets tricky and confusing. The performance of the Apple system is unquestionably great, but the price range is something that stops you from buying it. The incomplete knowledge of Apple systems may lead you to assume the high-price and overhyped. Though there are some things that you should know before assuming anything.

Apple produces varieties from 12-inch MacBook and 13-inch MacBook Air to 13-15-inch MacBook Pro with touch bar. But the Core i5, 7th generation Apple devices are great to buy. Apple Corporation always looks forward to enhancing its products. In previous years, Apple upgraded its system’s processor and entered in the 7th generation Intel core i5. The interesting fact is that the core i5 7th gen systems are running on a 3.4GHz processor, but these can be overlooked up to 3.8GHz. Along with Bluetooth 4.2, these systems are configured 802.11ac Wi-Fi compatible with a/b/g/n for speedy networks.

Additionally, the systems have 5Gb/s USB 3.0 Type-A ports and UHS-II SDXC card slot. With Gigabit Ethernet jack and a FaceTime HD camera, these have a Kensington lock slot for enhanced and added security. The 7th gen Intel processor uses low voltage and becomes an energy efficient device. Despite running on low voltage, the Core i5 7th generation maintains its fast performance even while running intensive applications. This is a plus point to can make anyone buy Apple core i5 7th gen system.

The two Thunderbolt 3 USB Type-C standard ports are available in all Apple Mac models delivering up to 40 GB/s high-speed data transfer. It is carrying this high-speed transfer to external drives and cameras accompanying with twice the bandwidth for video and display connectivity. Interestingly, this port successfully supports 10 GB/s USB 3.1, Thunderbolt 2, HDMI, DVI, VGA output with adapters and DisplayPort 1.2 as well. If you want to use video calling apps like Skype and FaceTime, then the built-in FaceTime HD Camera is here to fulfill the video chatting with your friends.

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Top 10 Best Wired Mouse Under Rs. 500

For any computer system, a mouse is one of the most essential input devices. Undeniably, all laptops have their own trackpad. But, the mouse remains unbeatable for its convenient approach to reach the desired file or folder. Operating a computer system is not that easy since keyboard shortcut keys sometimes get tricky. In contrast to that, a mouse instantly saves time and takes us to the desired file instantly.

But selecting an appropriate mouse becomes a challenge at times. Though it is not that hard to get a high-quality mouse, but what makes it a task is to select an inexpensive mouse. If you are looking for a reliable Wired Mouse under the price tag of Rs.500, then this guide will help you sort out the mouse. This guide has included a variety of mouse such as Dell, Logitech, HP, etc. with some explanation.

So let’s see the list of best Wired Mouse under Rs. 500.

  1. Logitech B100 Optical Mouse

Logitech is known as the manufacturer for computer accessories. This operable regular sized optical mouse is small enough to be packed in a bag. Interesting fact of this mouse is that it supports various operating systems which include the older versions of Microsoft Windows. With the optical precision at 800 dpi, this Logitech B100 mouse is ambidextrous and ideal for daily use at Rs.269.

  • HP X1000 Wired Mouse

Arguably, HP is one of the largest PC manufacturers. It has made PC peripherals better. Its mouse HP X1000 wired mouse is ideal with its quality at an affordable price of Rs.275. Coming with 2 years of warranty, this optical works on any surface. The glossy back gives an appealing look to it, but the design of this input device offers a great hold to operate tasks.

  • HP USB X500

HP gave a modern touch and looks with stunning design to this USB X500 input device. Weighing 141 grams, this lightweight mouse is compatible with gaming experience as well. Available at Rs.319, this mouse can be handle games like Battlefield, Call of Duty, Hitman, etc. At this amazing price, HP USB X500 is also great for daily use. Interestingly, this input device supports Notebooks and Desktops with good sensitivity.

  • Logitech M90

Long durable almond shaped mouse easier to hold grip and navigate on the computer screen. This simple and comfortable mouse has a powerful optical sensor below the mouse. This enables Logitech M90 to work accurately even without the mouse pad. This fantastic input device is coming at Rs.299 with 1 year of hardware warranty.

  • Lenovo M110

Lenovo is another computer manufacturer which released its unique designed Lenovo M110 mouse. This lightweight mouse can sustain a million clicks, offering a lag free performance. The design may not look much modern, but its rough and robust design offers a great grip hold on it. For daily use, Lenovo has manufactured an ideal model at Rs.224 with 1 year of domestic warranty.

  • Lenovo 300

Great for students, this Lenovo 300 mouse with streamlines design feels just comfortable in hands. The scroll wheel of this input device makes look different with design, but this mouse is useful for everyday use with its offering of great performance. Compatible for all laptops and desktop systems, this lightweight mouse with million click sustainability is available at Rs.370.

  • Dell MS116

Made for long durability, Dell MS116 optical mouse can work for extended period comfortably. This model from Dell is known to provide reliable performance. Efficient for both hands, you can use this ambidextrous input device anywhere in office and home. Amazingly, this model was primarily produced for gaming with its resolution speed 1000dpi. Dell is offering this product at Rs. 290 with 3 years of warranty.

  • iBall Style 63

iBall is known for surprising its users with high-quality products. Many of the users are using iBall products and know their performance. The company produced iBall Style 63 high-speed optical mouse. Arguably, this mouse has several features making it one of the best input device which people are looking for. Along with, plug and play option for use, iBall Style 63 is coming with the unbeatable high speed of 16000dpi. This high-speed mouse is coming at only Rs.399.

  • HP X900 USB Mouse

Another ambidextrous optical mouse in the list, this HP product has simple looks and design. Performing better than other funky looking mouse, this three button input device has an optical sensor of good speed 1000dpi. This enables the precision in the movement of the device. Without any doubt, this HP X900 USB mouse is available at Rs.289.

  1. Zebronics ZEB-OM126 Plus USB Mouse

While searching for a low-cost optical mouse, Zebronics can be a choice of product available at Rs.260. Since it is designed for basic use only, Zebronics ZEB-OM126 Plus USB Mouse is perfect to fulfill office needs. It is one of the most thoroughly and carefully tested mouse which concludes that it can last up 1coror cycles of button strokes. It implies that this input device is designed to last for a prolonged time.

This is the list of some most inexpensive and best wired-mouse. Now, as you have sorted the mouse for according to your needs, you can buy the best one under the price tag of Rs.500.

A Brief Guide on How to Choose USB for MAC & iOS Users

Apple, the manufacturer of Mac and iOS devices always does something to make its products unique globally. Again, the company released these stylish devices with their differentiating USBs. But the variation in USBs resulted in some users to damage their devices. Thus, here is this guide to let you know if you are choosing the right USB for Mac and iOS users.

The iOS Devices

If talking about iOS platforms, the USB drives with Lightning connectors are designed especially for iOS devices. But there is USB coming with plenty of limitations on their potential use. Interestingly, these limitations are imposed by Apple itself.

Being an iOS device user, you can connect the digital camera with your iPhone or iPad with Lightning-to-USB camera connection kit. These adapters are different from traditional ones letting you connect other USB devices. This includes USB microphones also.

Sometimes, connecting a regular USB drive with this adapter may display “this device is unsupported” message. This is the reason for designing USB drives particularly for iOS to bridge the gaps. Apple issues instructions for iOS accessories manufacturer to work flawlessly with these devices. The accessories include Lightning Charging cables, wireless speakers and external storage devices. An ideal USB drive is designed for iOS platforms certified with “Made For iPhone” MFi.

The restrictive nature of iOS security has dampened the use of Lightning USB Drive. Still there are some essential arguments favoring certified USB drives.

  • Work as an additional storage for movies and other media files.
  • Perfect for storing a heavy file rather in internal storage.
  • They are notably useful to transfer files between iOS and computer system.

Here are some things you should you know before choosing an iPhone USB Drive

  • Since these devices give no power, they cannot be charged when they are connected. In other words, transferring heavy files may remain incomplete before your batter depletes.
  • These drives depend upon their manufacturer-specific app. As a result, you may see an invitation to download when plugged in. This app will help you assist handling media files transfers, but the outdated app will have compatibility issues.
  • The manufacturer app limits the usefulness of the drive.

The MacOS Devices

The Mac OS platform, on the other hand, has some problems with USB ports. Hence, it is highly important to ensure the right USB for Mac. Many USB-C cables available are non-complaints cables revisiting the full data speed. Others draw too much power consequently damaging the charging device and the USB port of Macbook as well. The older Macbooks with USB-A port have these problems designed with maximum current draw. The USB-C devices also draw power. Due to the non-compliant cable, charging USB-C device using USB-A port can disable the port to handle the power. This may damage both devices severely. Since the speed problems still exist in Macbook with USB-C ports, it may become a challenge to choose the safe and supporting USB.

Yet, there are some solutions which could offer full transfer speed and support data. So let’s see the useful method to resolve the conflicts while the devices are connected.

  • Look for SuperSpeed+ or SS+ logo. Though, not all manufacturers use the full logo, so it may not differentiate the older SS and new SS+ labels. But instead of SS+ you can find some cables coming with SS and 10 indicating the 10Bps.
  • Another solution is to look for branded USB with generation label. Ensure the label indicates USB 3.1 Gen 2. This will specify the 10Gbps supporting which contrasts with USB 3.1 supporting 5Gbps only. You may also find USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 Gen 1 as well, but you must essentially look for USB 3.1 Gen 2.
  • Avoid cables labeled with “charge” until or unless you want it, as it will not support transferring data. This cable includes Apple supplies in the product boxes.

AirDrop for quick file transfer between iOS and MacOS devices is sufficient. If you think that USB are useful, then these are inexpensive link between the two. The compatible and complaint USB assure users to bridge the gap and transfer data safely.

Top 10 Trends in E-commerce that would Drive Sales in 2019

E-commerce is changing every day because the population is turning to their mobile to buy products. In the last few years, the e-commerce practice has evolved for and this improvement is still in process. Most of the shoppers are expecting high street business to provide same-day delivery. Some other e-commerce is trying for progressive web apps designed advanced technologies.

The advanced technologies are leading e-commerce to produce high speed and features in the mobile app. The new technology is allowing the shopping platform to be accessible offline. Based on agency owners, designers and e-commerce experts, there is a list of top 10 trends that should drive sales this year. So let’s see the trending tips to drive sales.

10 Trends

Online Chatbots

Being a machine learning technology, the Chat bots really helps brands to interact with the customers. The interaction of brands with the customers does not lose any of the personalization. These Chat bots are developed to answer common questions and giving suggestions. In simpler terms, these bots help online shoppers in the buying process. The Chat bots are making interactive environments for customers in apps and website.

Better Payment Methods

Most of the people do not trust online payments and hence prefer visiting physical stores to buy products. But this fear is now slowly decreasing with safe and better online payments like PayPal, credit and debit card. With the use of Crypto currency for online payments, e-commerce will offer the safest stage where buyers can buy the product easily and with Crypto currency.

Transactional Social Media

It may sound unreal, but social media platform selling is driving e-commerce growth and it will keep growing in 2019. China is an emerging example with success rates presenting that majority of app users buying goods and services in-app. Furthermore, most of the retailers and sellers in China are already using social media platforms to produce sales. With renowned social media like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. it is a favorable time to get Omnichannel e-commerce.

Ecommerce with Improved Visuals

Nothing could be better than visual to introduce the product to the customers. Visual e-commerce ensures the differentiation of brands online. The business giants are now following the eCommerce themes with video content and great visuals. More options in a visual content 360-degree shot and close-up shots will lead to an easier demonstration of products and product discovery.

Image Search

Image Search in 2019 will give a completely new experience of online shopping to customers. The image search option on e-commerce will increase the search ability of the users. This option will let the customers find their matching products only by using online pictures or self-clicked images. The e-commerce will generate the search results matching the uploaded image.

Voice Assistant to Search a Product

People are giving attention to voice assistants like Google Home, Alexa and Siri to execute the desired task. Every customer has its way of speaking, thus versatile voice assistant to search product would drive sale on e-commerce. A flexible voice assistant easily understands the query of users and produces the matching results accordingly.

Efficient Shipping

Systematic packaging with marketing message regarding the efforts of the company on waste reduction and reuse can get on the customers’ consciousness. Consumers are focusing on shipping and packaging when getting the product delivered. Most of the online shoppers expect same day delivery. The smooth product delivery on the same day will provide better sale in upcoming days.

Physical Stores of Ecommerce

Physical stores offer a lot of ease to the customers. Various online platforms are opening their physical stores due to various reasons. The major reason is to offer convenient facilities like product trails and exchange. Amazon go is revolutionizing with grocery store allowing the consumers to select or decide what product they want. Consumers visit the store to check quality and select the product. Interestingly the payment will get deducted from the account automatically.

Minimum Browser Use

The coming years will show the dramatic downfall in browser use. Since mobile apps are quicker and more convenient as compare to the browser, these are taking over the market. All e-commerce giants are promoting app versions for online shopping. Also, the focus on advertisements and social media apps are driving interest resulting in priority of apps version of e-commerce platforms. The future of searching product on apps may diminish the browsers use in upcoming years.


The subscription e-commerce market has evolved and gained the growth of 500% in the last five years. It has generated over $2.6 billion for retailers and the average subscriber’s income is estimated from $50,000 to $100,000 every year. Now it is easier for growing retailers to provide the same degree convenience.

These e-commerce trends will be hit in 2019, as all these have one thing in common: these trends are or will make the online shopping experience easy for the consumers. Convenient for customers with little patience, these can fulfill their needs. This will lead to better online store options and can try the product as much as possible. In short, a convenient and user-friendly interface store is what consumers need.

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Electronics Brands 2019

Best Technology & Electronics Ecommerce Brands 2019

The technology and eCommerce industry bloomed itself to approx 24 million stores. Most of these stores are generating sales of more than $1000 annually. The successful businesses have prioritized eCommerce to make international shopping easier and way more convenient. 11% of total retail sales were announced when the industry is booming at a growing fast pace.

This article is listing some best technology and electronics e-commerce brands in the world to take inspiration from these business giants. The covers the best digital native brands like Skullcandy to traditional brands like Motorola and Kodak.


A popular personal audio system manufacturer, Skullcandy is specialized in the wireless headphone, and speakers. With variations in handy music systems, the manufacturer is known for its style, quality, and ruggedness. The online store from Skullcandy features some stunning product image and details setup instructions for the item. The site successfully presents its increasing limits of quality and sound.


The height adjustable desks and desk converters with an ergonomic chair from UPLIFT Desk are the ultra-modern eCommerce offering comfortable working experience. The product page of UPLIFT Desk displays plenty of information with product description, assembly instructions, warranty, customer reviews, and much other relevant information to the consumers. The brand also offers an opportunity to the customers to build their custom desks fulfilling their needs.


Worldwide famous, Amazon is arguably the largest online e-commerce. It is the highest revenue generating eCommerce company with $177.9 billion of net sales. The company began to introduce new services along with its already massive stationary retail business. Not only the online stores but Amazon Web Services (AWS) is another profit-making business for the company. The AWS provides web hosting servers to website owners making a huge profit after its online store.


The mobile and handset manufacturer, Motorola is known as a leading brand in mobile communication products. Its Motorola Solutions eCommerce site sells adapters, microphones, batteries, chargers and other accessories for mobile phones. The company’s site has an advanced search feature sorting which the online shoppers can take advantage. This advanced search feature sorts the product and its specification along with the product reviews.


The Gap, Inc. founded in 1969, is one of the most iconic brands in the fashion industry. With 3300 company-operated stores, e-commerce sites and 400 franchises store, its clothes are available in 90 countries. The active customer of GAP increased by 25%, and the increase in overseas customers was 28%. The company has noted 30% increment in total orders.

The best technology and electronic eCommerce brands composed to offer the desired experience to the consumers. The theme that these sites share or include is to be clean and crisp with the design. The striking visuals offer convenient and comprehensive picture details. This list of top and best technology electronic eCommerce brands contributed to the growth of the eCommerce industry with their themes and designs.

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Laptop price in delhi

The Smarter Way to Choose Laptop

Being compact and versatile, a laptop is the best tool to run demanding applications at home, café or roadside. Without a doubt, tablets and phones are also capable to carry out tasks. Still, most of the users prefer laptops for typing research works, gaming or any other activities. Sometimes, it gets hard while choosing the appropriate laptop. In the end, only one question arises, which laptop you should get?

There is an extensive range of sizes, features, and prices of the laptop, apparently making a challenge to choose the right device. To clear up the confusion, you need to figure out your needs beforehand over the cash.

This guide will cut through the confusion with information of some laptops and sizes.

Select Operating System – Chrome, Mac or Windows OS

Selecting a laptop might become a challenge when you are unfamiliar with Macs or PCs. But there are some strengths and weaknesses of these devices which can help you out to make a wise decision.

  • Chrome OS: It is inexpensive, simple and secure, but more limited than Windows or macOS. The Chrome OS user interface is mostly similar to Windows. It has an application menu and a desktop where you can drag windows freely. But the primary app that you will use is the Chrome browser. The downside of Chrome OS is that web apps do not work well while offline. Though, the developers are trying to make some changes with Google Pixel Book which can run Android apps.
  • To surf the web, check emails and for any other online activities, Chrome books are portable and have great battery life. This inexpensive device is preferable since it has lower malware attack risks. A Chrome book with 1920×1080 resolution and at least 4GB of RAM and 16GB Storage are good. You can pay extra to get 2-in-1 to use Android apps.
  • Apple’s macOS: The MacBooks come with the latest desktop operating system called macOS High Sierra. This OS gives similar functionalities to Windows 10. Still, the user interface has slight differences as compared to Windows OS. The AI assistant Siri is already installed in most of the systems to carry out the determined tasks for you. There is a good thing about systems from Apple that these devices are less likely to face slow performance.
  • Windows OS: Windows OS is an extremely flexible operating system. This is the reason that many laptop manufacturers prefer the Windows operating system as compared to Chrome OS or Mac OS. Windows notebooks are available in various price ranges with an array of features from touch screens to fingerprint readers and dual graphics. Microsoft Windows has improvised its functionalities and enabled the users to switch between tablet and desktop mode. Microsoft also included Cortana, an AI assistant, and the ability to use follow-up questions with this digital assistant.

The Right Size for You:

Laptops can be a good performer but its portability is an important factor to consider. Different display sizes are also the fact of higher prices, so depending on that you can buy a relevant device.

  • 11 to 12 inches: These laptops are extremely thin and light-weighted with 2.5 to 3.5 pounds.
  • 13 to 14 inches: Not too big, not too small! This size of laptops balances usability and portability under 4 pounds of weight.
  • 15 inches:  This popular size weighs from 4.5 to 6.5 pounds. Consider this laptop if you are not planning to carry out the device and want a larger screen.
  • 17 to 18 inches: if you keep your laptop on your desk only then this sized device is enough to provide processing power to play games and heavier activities.

Check Keyboards and Touchpad

If you have to do a great deal of work on a system, then ensure the keyboard or keypad functionality. Observe the distance of keys is not too spacious or not too contracted. Look for accurate touchpad which should not give a jumpy cursor and has consistency in its performance. For business purposes, there is nub between the “G” and “H” keys. It also works as cursor enabling you to continue to navigate without lifting your hands.

Know Integral Parts

The little information about integral parts of the device is helpful to make an appropriate choice.

  • CPU: It is the major part of any computer or laptop device, which influences the performance of a system. But the requirement can let you determine the use and best laptop at an affordable price.
  • Intel Core i5: The Intel Core i5 CPU is common but combines the best price and performance. The models ending with ‘U’ at the end is better than ‘Y’ since the latter consumes time and shows the worst performance.
  • Intel Core i7: It is an up-gradation of an i5 core. The i7, ending with HQ or K, the processor allows faster gaming experience. Try to look for 8th generation Intel Core series for better performance.
  • Intel Core i3: Stands just Core i5, but also performs well as compared to its price. But if you can move to Core i5, don’t hesitate.
  • Intel Xeon: Very powerful and expensive processor designed for professional and heavy work. If you do 3d modeling or video or editing then Intel Xeon is what you should look for. The downside if this processor is that it does not have good battery life.
  • RAM: Some laptops are coming 2GB of RAM but at least 4 GB of RAM is necessary. Expand a little much more and you will 8GB of RAM.


Along with size and weight, the durability of the battery is what more essential while traveling with a laptop. Smaller laptops usually have better battery life due to their light or less powerful processors and smaller screens. A 15-inch laptop can offer 5-7 hours of battery life, where a smaller sized system can give you a more enhanced battery.


Computer systems have SSD, which let the computer boot faster and quicker with responsiveness. But unlike computers systems, you cannot simply rely on SSD to stick on the cheap hard disk. The experts recommend a minimum of 120GB SSD to store some of the files. But, the personal laptop should have 500GB of storage to store Gigabytes of photos and music. Check out the hard disk drive with an SSD cache. These drives frequently stores used data enabling the system to speed up boot times of the programs.

These are some smarter ways of choosing an appropriate laptop. Before buying a laptop, a good survey is excessively needed to differentiate between the models and their performance. Keep these basic, simple but important tips in your mind, ask relevant questions to know to determine the right laptop for you.

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