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Portronics Konnect Dash POR-1293 5 A 1 m USB Type C Cable(Red Cable)

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Portronics Konnect Dash USB Type C Cable (Red Colour)

Type C cable makes charging a hassle-free process. As you don’t have to wait for long because the fast charging data cable serves your purpose. And if you are worried of the frequent battery shortening in your phone. Then don’t depend upon the phone’s charger rather have the Type C charger. As it’s a value for money product.

Key Feature of Portronics Konnect Dash USB to Type C Cable 

Compatibility: The 1-meter Type C charger connects with wide range of devices including smartphone, tablet and smartwatches. Thus, enjoy the seamless charging experience with USB charging cable.

Faster Charging: This high-quality Type C charger has high speed charging capacity. Hence ace up your charging speed with USB charging cable.

Finish: This USB charging cable has leather finish. Moreover, the fast charging data cable has sturdy finish which assures quality and supreme performance. And is a light weight fast data charging cable.

Fast Data Transmission: The charging cable has the speed of 480 Mbps. Hence, has the potency of fast data transfer. Whereas the maximum current rating is 5 amperes.

Long Lasting: The type C changer is durable because of its hard and protective body.  Meanwhile its soft and flexible design goes the long way. And with over 5000+ bends, the USB charging cable has sustainability and performance.

Type C cable is a data and charging cable which means it can charge the phone and can be used for transferring the data from your phone to other electronic devices. Therefore, go for immediate charging with the USB Type C Cable.

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