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Portronics POR-929 Elements U 15.6 Inch Laptop Bag

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  • FINISH MATERIAL & EXCELLENT CRAFTSMANSHIP: Well designed superior material strength laptop bag to carry a 15.6-inch laptop and a pair of clothes for the less overnighter night trip.
  • Spacious Interior: - With large interior space, logic sections and multiple pockets, the Element U is ideal for overnight office tours, hiking trips and other everyday use.
  • HUMAN DESIGN & EASY TO CARRY: - Adjustable and padded shoulder straps are designed to fit snugly into the human body and relieve shoulder strain. Plus you stay fresh and dry due to the permeable ventilation mesh on the back. It has a water repellant design.
  • Use as a Briefcase: - The bag has holding loops on top and on one side (double stitched for added strength and padded for comfort) so you can carry the bag side-by-side like a briefcase.
  • Travel Truly Hands-Free: With the inbuilt USB 2.0 charging port, charge your smart gadgets at all times with the battery bank in the bag. With the luggage strap at the back, you can piggy back the bag on your trolley.
  • Hold a pair of clothes with a 15.6-inch laptop for work, play, hiking trips with CumBag-Pack and Rucksack USB ports

Portronics Smart Laptop Bag For Men & Women

This smart laptop bag is the topmost choice for the office going buddies as the bag is equipped with enhancing features. And it’s not a usual bag instead the laptop bag has the built-in charging port. Therefore, you can charge your phone without the fear of battery shortage.

Portronics Laptop’s bag is the best laptop bags for men due to its design and unique features. Moreover, the bag has the sturdy finish and comes with the elegant design. Therefore, go for the stylish dark grey coloured laptop bag and make your life easy by having the durable and everlasting bag from Portronics.

Key Feature of Laptop Bag For Men & Women:

USB Charging Port: The built-in charger in the laptop enables one to connect the mobile and power bank to the charging port. As this best laptop bags for men has the speciality of USB charging port which makes it the exceptional laptop bag from the ordinary bags.

Strong Finish: The bag has the strong and smooth metal zipper finish with strong buckle tucked in to the bag. Additionally, it’s crafted with great material finish and ergonomic design. However, the bag is easy to carry as it has adjustable padded strap which doesn’t strain your shoulder. And has a breathable mesh design.

Size & Structure: The bag has the inclusion of 5 zips and 8 pockets and can hold the 15 kg weight. Whereas the bag has dimension of 17 x 35 x 48 cm and weighs 970 Grams. Hence it can be easily carried from one place to another easily. Meanwhile, best laptop bags for men comes with the double layered bottom and chest strap which keeps the products safe and secured.

Waterproof: The water-resistant fabric makes it the waterproof laptop bag. Thus, you don’t have bother about your laptop even if you are stuck in the heavy rain storm. Therefore, this laptop bag is an ideal choice for hiking or office. Additionally, the Portronic best laptop bags for men has the premium quality as it’s from the trusted brand. And have the waterproof laptop bag to keep your laptop handy and portable.

Multiple Utilities: This bag is spacious and has separate compartments where you can keep the laptop, cloths and documents, if required. You also get the multiple pockets where you can store the small gadgets, water bottles, and note books.

Meanwhile, this laptop bag can easily accommodate the 15.6-inch laptop. And as you get the side hoop to hold the bag as briefcase. Hence, carry the bag while travelling as your laptop remains safe and secure. Likely, this laptop bag is the perfect match for students, professionals and travellers.

Buy this lightweight backpack as this one’s the best laptop bags for men. As the compact small size makes it easily adjustable to the limited space. Thus, have the easy to carry laptop bag and make the smart selection for laptop bags online. As Portronic’s laptop bag is worth buying if you have a field job profile.

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