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Portronics Mobike II POR-1304 Universal Mobile Holder (Black)

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  • [Stability & Zero Shaking]: Portronics Mobike II is a device that keeps your mobile safe and secure on any road. There won't be any shaking while riding the bike/cycle. It always keeps your mobile firm and stable. You can experience optimum stability with this product.
  • [Easy to use app]: Using apps on your phone is easy with the Portronics Mobike II. It holds your phone very firmly without blocking the phone screen. You can easily use the phone keys and applications with ease and not struggle because of obstructions.
  • [Stable Locking with 100% Durability]: Once you install Portronics Mobike II on your bike/bicycle, you can rest assured about the stable locking of your phone. It has a solid lock design to hold your phone firmly in place and has a sturdy and durable base that helps you avoid accidents.
  • [Free to adjust your phone]: You can freely adjust your phone in 360 degree angle. It gives you the freedom to hold your phone in both vertical and horizontal angles. All you have to do is adjust the position of your device to get the right viewing angle.
  • [Easy to Install and Operate]: Portronics Mobike II is very easy to install on your bike/bicycle. Once installed, you can operate your phone in one hand while riding your bike. Your phone will never be unbalanced.

Portronics Mobike Universal Mobile Holder & Stand for Bicycle

Charge your mobile phone and tablet without any disruption by having the Portable and Foldable Mobile & Tablet Holder. As the mobile holder stand is both portable and foldable. Its flexible design is the preferred choice for every mobile and tablet user. Additionally, its compact design makes it feasible to carry it anywhere.

You can watch videos hands free by placing the tablet to the mobile holder stand. Wherein you can hold the device horizontally and vertically both. Moreover, the mobile and tablet holder supports all kinds of touch devices.

Key Features of Mobile Holder Stand:

Finish: The portable mobile holder stand has the finish of silicone rubber and ABS plastic. The strong finish of the mobile phone stand for desk prevents the device from scratches and prevents it from sliding. Additionally, the mobile holder has the cutting-edge design where it’s white and grey is user friendly.

Structure: The Mobile holder stand’s ergonomic design allows one to charge the electronic device with ease and comfort. As its light in weight and stable. Meanwhile, mobile phone stand for desk comes with the feature of adjustable height and dynamic angle which can range from 54 degrees to 70 degrees. Herein, you can press and drag the stand for height adjustment.

Size: The mobile and tablet holder stand weighs 162 gm. Hence its light is weight. Whereas the stand has the size of 12.8cm and 10 cm which makes it compatible and compact.

Utility: The mobile holder stand is versatile. As you can use it for watching movie, reading or for video calling. You can also use it in your kitchen to see videos while cooking. Additionally, it’s the perfect companion while you are multi taking.

Ease of Use: You can easily charge the device as the mobile stand’s strong and sturdy design keeps the device gripped and supported. Herein, you can simply place your device to the stand beside the charging socket and plug the charging cord.  

Anti- Slippage System: This mobile holder stand makes your life easy as you don’t have worry about the scratches and fear of slipping your phone while you are watching your favourite Netflix webseries as the stand keeps the tablet protected with the guard of mobile stand for desk. And thereby protect the screen of your mobile and tablet from falling down.

Brand Value: Mobile phone stand for desk is quality assured and durable. As its manufactured with premium material finish. Moreover, the product comes with 12 months warranty period.

Don’t hold the phone in your hand for long if you are continuing with the long hour’s conversation instead go for the hands-free calling by placing the phone to the holder. And Have the mobile stand for the multipurpose task. By enjoying the pleasing experience of viewing the videos on the mobile holder stand as the compact smartly size fits to the table. Thereby, have the cosy time with mobile stand for desk and utilise it in different ways. As this useful product is the must-have for every household.

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