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Portronics Phoni 3 POR-911 Retro Handset

Product Id: MPCWPR-838

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  • Radiation free calls, rubber grip, 3 vibrant colours- yellow, blue and classic grey, no batteries required, reduce background noise and increase the sound quality
  • Rubber grip
  • 3 vibrant colours- yellow, blue and classic grey
  • No batteries required
  • Reduce background noise and increase the sound quality
  • 6 Months warranty

Portronics Phoni 3 Retro Handset - Anti Radiation Handset for Mobile

It’s predominantly known that smartphones radiate harmful rays which is likely going to be dangerous for the brain cells. Hence this Retro handset is the solution to the long hour’s conversation and seems to be a saviour from the harmful radiating rays. Howsoever, this slim and handy handset is a must buy, if you are still in awe with the traditional landline phone calling.

Key Features of Portronics Phoni 3 Retro Hand for Mobile 

Sound Effect: The Retro phone handset has increased sound quality and reduces the background sound while talking on cellular phones. However, the seamless sound of the Retro phone handset is fantasy for many.

Features: You don’t require the use of battery in the retro phone handset. As it is powered by the phone connectivity. Thus, you get rid of charging the device. Additionally, it has wired USP connectivity.

The handset has built in microphones which allows you to talk seamlessly. Meanwhile, the spiral cable attached with the handset allows one to stretch and increase the length.

Finish: The rubber grip of the handset, allows one to enjoy endless talking on the phone without worrying about the slipping of phone. Howsoever, the retro handset weight only 159 grams and has the dimension of 24 x 8 x 7 millimetres with rubber material built. The retro handset comes in three classic colours and they are yellow, blue and grey.

Walk & Talk: Simply connect the wire of the handset with your smartphone and enjoy talking on phone by picking up the call from your phone. Herein, you acquire the leverage of radiation free calls and experience the easing calling effect.

Phoni 3 retro handset is easy to use whereas its impressive design takes you to old days of landline calling. Additionally, Retro phone handset is durable and worthy due to its effective sound quality. However, the ergonomic design of the handset provides assured guarantee and quality. As it comes with the warranty of 1 year.

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