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Portronics Swipe POR 757 Swipe Screen Cleaner, Screen Dust Cleaner

Product Id: MPCWPR-899

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  • Cleaner for computer, laptop, mobile, LCD, LED-TV screens and keyboards with oleophobic coating protection
  • It's an easy to carry and attractive little spray-and-swipe mini duster
  • Swipe is free from any alcohol or ammonia or harmful chemicals and is eco-friendly
  • It can be used for all electronic devices. Ideally use it by turning off the device
  • As a person who loves clean and shiny stuff, we tend to resign ourselves to these ugly realities.

Just Spray and Swipe Screen Cleaner for Computers & Laptops

Have the clear, shiny and smooth screen and say goodbye to the layered dust on the screen of technical gadget. Thereby, refrain using cloth for cleaning the screen. As the Swipe Screen Cleaner is the solution to your dusty screen. Likely, buy the Swipe Screen Cleaner online to find the solution to your screen cleanliness.

Because Swipe Screen Cleaner allows one to get rid of dust, dirt and fingerprints. Hence, keep your laptop and computer screen absolutely clean and shiny smooth with the spray of cleaning liquid solution through Swipe Screen Cleaner. However, having Swipe Screen Cleaner justifies the cleaning purpose and serves your worries in budget with attractive look and design. 

Key features of Swipe Screen Cleaner for Computers & Laptops

Apt for Electronic Devices: Swipe Screen Cleaner is an ideal choice for computers, laptops, keyboard, LED TV screen, etc. due to its oleophobic coating protection. Additionally, Swipe Cleaner is the best alternate for cleaning electronic devices. As its trusted and comes with assured warranty and quality.

Usage: Switch off the device, before using the duster for cleaning purposes. Meanwhile, using the swipe duster is pretty simple, you just have to spray and swipe the screen with the duster to clean the screen. The easy spray on the allows one to have smooth cleaning time. As the device has the combination of cleaning liquid to it. Wherein the liquid wash comes loaded with the swipe cleaner. Additionally, this laptop cleaner has the easy to refill.

Utility: This device is the best suit for the non- waterproof devices which has small screen. Swipe screen cleaner is an easy to use swipe and spray mini duster for varied screen sizes. As the sleek long design of the swipe cleaner allows one to have grip on the cleaning device, while cleaning.

Free from Chemicals: The swipe duster is free from any kind of chemical inclusion, alcohol, and ammonia. Hence, the swipe cleaner is safe for all your electronic devices. And without the tension and fearing of cleaning the screen with water, having the cleaning duster from the trusted brand saves you from untoward disruptions in the device.

Size: This mini duster has the length of 9.5cm and width of 2.2 cm. Thus, the mini duster is the appropriate choice for the screen cleaning. Meanwhile, the duster weight only 40 grams which makes it light weight and the right cleaning accessories for your electronical devices.

Portable: It’s an easy to carry duster in minimal size and serves as the perfect corporate gifts. As one can keep the Swipe Cleaner to their office bag and use it freely whenever required.

With the dusty and windy climate, dust is bound to prevail in the laptop screen. Thus, to avoid the burden of cleaning, the Swipe Screen Cleaner assists in having dust free monitor screen. Moreover, the mastered mechanics of the swipe cleaner is loved by the techies. Hence, this one a must buy, if your laptops and computers are your daily co


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