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Portronics Time Out POR 653 Blue Countdown Timer Cube

Product Id: MPCWPR-903

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Key Features of  Portronics Time Out / Countdown Timer Cube

Learn to manage your time with the countdown timer effectively. And value your time with the usage of countdown timer cube. As the device accurately measures the time with effective and superior in-built mechanism. Thereby, keep in check your time with the countdown clock timer.

Benefits of Countdown Timer Cube

Countdown Time: The countdown timer comes with the duration of 1, 3, 5- and 7-minutes options to select. Furthermore, you can fix the timer of countdown cube to the prescribed time duration.

Ease of Use: For the particular time duration to set, simply place the duration number mention in the cube on top and keep the check of timer. Herein, you don’t require any programming to use the countdown clock timer. As its easy to use.

The clock timer can be used by the kids as well. It has easy to start, play and pause button. Thus, you can easily resume the timer and stop the clock when the time is up.

Alarm: The countdown clock is enabled with alarm which allows you to select the alarm sound ranging from low, medium and high.  However, the alarm comes with LED light visual which has the option of high and medium with off button in it.

Multiple Utilities: The countdown clock timer can be used while studying, watching TV, meditating, exercising, cooking, etc. Meanwhile, countdown timer is a must gadget for the sports freak and gym enthusiasts. Or have the perfectly boiled eggs by stetting the accurate timer with the countdown timer cube.

Size: The countdown clock timer is light weight and compact as it weighs only 47 grams. Hence, it’s portable and can be carried anywhere. And has the dimension of only 6*6*6. Thus, the minimal size of the countdown timer fits to your Kitchen desk, study table and office desk easily. Meanwhile, the handy countdown timer fits aptly in the hands of the user.

Features: The countdown clock timer is inclusive of LED light, and LCD display. And has the specification of light controller button with off, high and low option. It also has the volume controller button which has the option of mute, low and high. Additionally, the countdown timer has speaker in it.

However, you require 2* AAA batteries which doesn’t come with the package of countdown timer. Herein, you also get four fixed time duration countdowns which gives the idea of hour, minutes, seconds and milliseconds.

Design: The blue colour countdown timer is made up of ABS plastic. Additionally, the clock has the digital display which is dynamic which means digit remains static even if you rotate the cube.

Warranty: Furthermore, it comes with the 1-year warranty.

This is a high-quality product which makes your life easy. Thereby, reduce the challenges of managing the time with countdown timer. As having this countdown timer makes you punctual and prompt as you learn the value of time if you are preparing for the exam or sport tournament. Thus, beat the time with the excellent performance of timer.

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