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Portronics Toad 12 POR-986 Wireless 2.4G Optical Mouse

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Portronics Toad Wireless Mouse with 2.4GHz Technology (Blue and White)

Wireless mouse online and experience seamlessly easy and smooth movement with the wireless mouse which comes in the dual colour combination of red and black. And indulge in the technical advancement of the mouse by having easy clicks with the mouse.

Furthermore, buy a wireless mouse online and enjoy the soothing comfortable experience while working or playing games on the laptop or computer.  As it’s an easy to use mouse with no worries to connect it with the wire or cable. Because the wireless mouse requires only the single battery to operate.

Portronics Toad Wireless Mouse with 2.4GHz Technology Special Feature

Design: This wireless mouse has the oval shape and 3d ergonomic design with optical movement. It has the high flow design and works for over 30 lacks clicks. And as the wireless gaming mouse has comfortable feel and touch, it reduces the hand fatigue buy wireless mouse online.

Suitability: The mouse aptly fits to your hand. As it has good look and design. Meanwhile, the refined finish of mouse with equipped features makes it the worth mouse for working professionals and students. Henceforth, with the improvised design and structure, roll your mouse to the even surface and switch to the wireless mouse by quitting the conventional wired mouse.

Battery Life: You require single battery for the mouse to function which means it requires low energy consumption. And is powered by 1*AA battery. Additionally, mouse has the battery life of 6 months.

Compatibility: The wireless mouse has wider compatibility as it works on all kinds of devices ranging from desktop, laptop and notebooks, windows, mac, etc. Likely, this light weight mouse performs swiftly on all the devices without any err.

Stable Connectivity: The mouse provides stable connectivity with 2.4G wireless transmission. And assures the fast data speed of 33ft/ 10 m working distance. Therefore, buy wireless mouse online as it provides reliable connectivity.

Size: The mouse has the packaging dimension of 4.5 x 7 x 11cm. Whereas the mouse has the weight of 46 grams only. Therefore, it’s easy to carry and portable. And provides you seamless working experience on laptops with ease and comfort.

Features: The mouse has the in-built feature of left and right button partitioned with smooth sensitive roller. As it has the DPI of 1600, the wireless swift movement of the mouse is satisfying. Furthermore, the mouse has USB Nano dongle which keeps the connectivity of the mouse with the laptop or computer smooth.

However, the mouse also has the specific feature of high optical sensor with single battery slot.  It has the capacity of 3d technology. Moreover, it enters into sleep mode after 10 minutes of no operation. Hence, you save the energy. 

Warranty: The mouse comes with the warranty of 6 months.

The wireless gaming mouse allows you to have long lasting performance and easing gaming time with its soothing clicks and quick response. Thus, enjoy the best time with the mouse and buy wireless mouse online. As the mouse comes with the world class quality.

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