Top 10 Best Wired Mouse Under Rs. 500

For any computer system, a mouse is one of the most essential input devices. Undeniably, all laptops have their own trackpad. But, the mouse remains unbeatable for its convenient approach to reach the desired file or folder. Operating a computer system is not that easy since keyboard shortcut keys sometimes get tricky. In contrast to that, a mouse instantly saves time and takes us to the desired file instantly.

But selecting an appropriate mouse becomes a challenge at times. Though it is not that hard to get a high-quality mouse, but what makes it a task is to select an inexpensive mouse. If you are looking for a reliable Wired Mouse under the price tag of Rs.500, then this guide will help you sort out the mouse. This guide has included a variety of mouse such as Dell, Logitech, HP, etc. with some explanation.

So let’s see the list of best Wired Mouse under Rs. 500.

  1. Logitech B100 Optical Mouse

Logitech is known as the manufacturer for computer accessories. This operable regular sized optical mouse is small enough to be packed in a bag. Interesting fact of this mouse is that it supports various operating systems which include the older versions of Microsoft Windows. With the optical precision at 800 dpi, this Logitech B100 mouse is ambidextrous and ideal for daily use at Rs.269.

  • HP X1000 Wired Mouse

Arguably, HP is one of the largest PC manufacturers. It has made PC peripherals better. Its mouse HP X1000 wired mouse is ideal with its quality at an affordable price of Rs.275. Coming with 2 years of warranty, this optical works on any surface. The glossy back gives an appealing look to it, but the design of this input device offers a great hold to operate tasks.

  • HP USB X500

HP gave a modern touch and looks with stunning design to this USB X500 input device. Weighing 141 grams, this lightweight mouse is compatible with gaming experience as well. Available at Rs.319, this mouse can be handle games like Battlefield, Call of Duty, Hitman, etc. At this amazing price, HP USB X500 is also great for daily use. Interestingly, this input device supports Notebooks and Desktops with good sensitivity.

  • Logitech M90

Long durable almond shaped mouse easier to hold grip and navigate on the computer screen. This simple and comfortable mouse has a powerful optical sensor below the mouse. This enables Logitech M90 to work accurately even without the mouse pad. This fantastic input device is coming at Rs.299 with 1 year of hardware warranty.

  • Lenovo M110

Lenovo is another computer manufacturer which released its unique designed Lenovo M110 mouse. This lightweight mouse can sustain a million clicks, offering a lag free performance. The design may not look much modern, but its rough and robust design offers a great grip hold on it. For daily use, Lenovo has manufactured an ideal model at Rs.224 with 1 year of domestic warranty.

  • Lenovo 300

Great for students, this Lenovo 300 mouse with streamlines design feels just comfortable in hands. The scroll wheel of this input device makes look different with design, but this mouse is useful for everyday use with its offering of great performance. Compatible for all laptops and desktop systems, this lightweight mouse with million click sustainability is available at Rs.370.

  • Dell MS116

Made for long durability, Dell MS116 optical mouse can work for extended period comfortably. This model from Dell is known to provide reliable performance. Efficient for both hands, you can use this ambidextrous input device anywhere in office and home. Amazingly, this model was primarily produced for gaming with its resolution speed 1000dpi. Dell is offering this product at Rs. 290 with 3 years of warranty.

  • iBall Style 63

iBall is known for surprising its users with high-quality products. Many of the users are using iBall products and know their performance. The company produced iBall Style 63 high-speed optical mouse. Arguably, this mouse has several features making it one of the best input device which people are looking for. Along with, plug and play option for use, iBall Style 63 is coming with the unbeatable high speed of 16000dpi. This high-speed mouse is coming at only Rs.399.

  • HP X900 USB Mouse

Another ambidextrous optical mouse in the list, this HP product has simple looks and design. Performing better than other funky looking mouse, this three button input device has an optical sensor of good speed 1000dpi. This enables the precision in the movement of the device. Without any doubt, this HP X900 USB mouse is available at Rs.289.

  1. Zebronics ZEB-OM126 Plus USB Mouse

While searching for a low-cost optical mouse, Zebronics can be a choice of product available at Rs.260. Since it is designed for basic use only, Zebronics ZEB-OM126 Plus USB Mouse is perfect to fulfill office needs. It is one of the most thoroughly and carefully tested mouse which concludes that it can last up 1coror cycles of button strokes. It implies that this input device is designed to last for a prolonged time.

This is the list of some most inexpensive and best wired-mouse. Now, as you have sorted the mouse for according to your needs, you can buy the best one under the price tag of Rs.500.

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