Top 10 Trends in E-commerce that would Drive Sales in 2019

E-commerce is changing every day because the population is turning to their mobile to buy products. In the last few years, the e-commerce practice has evolved for and this improvement is still in process. Most of the shoppers are expecting high street business to provide same-day delivery. Some other e-commerce is trying for progressive web apps designed advanced technologies.

The advanced technologies are leading e-commerce to produce high speed and features in the mobile app. The new technology is allowing the shopping platform to be accessible offline. Based on agency owners, designers and e-commerce experts, there is a list of top 10 trends that should drive sales this year. So let’s see the trending tips to drive sales.

10 Trends

Online Chatbots

Being a machine learning technology, the Chat bots really helps brands to interact with the customers. The interaction of brands with the customers does not lose any of the personalization. These Chat bots are developed to answer common questions and giving suggestions. In simpler terms, these bots help online shoppers in the buying process. The Chat bots are making interactive environments for customers in apps and website.

Better Payment Methods

Most of the people do not trust online payments and hence prefer visiting physical stores to buy products. But this fear is now slowly decreasing with safe and better online payments like PayPal, credit and debit card. With the use of Crypto currency for online payments, e-commerce will offer the safest stage where buyers can buy the product easily and with Crypto currency.

Transactional Social Media

It may sound unreal, but social media platform selling is driving e-commerce growth and it will keep growing in 2019. China is an emerging example with success rates presenting that majority of app users buying goods and services in-app. Furthermore, most of the retailers and sellers in China are already using social media platforms to produce sales. With renowned social media like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. it is a favorable time to get Omnichannel e-commerce.

Ecommerce with Improved Visuals

Nothing could be better than visual to introduce the product to the customers. Visual e-commerce ensures the differentiation of brands online. The business giants are now following the eCommerce themes with video content and great visuals. More options in a visual content 360-degree shot and close-up shots will lead to an easier demonstration of products and product discovery.

Image Search

Image Search in 2019 will give a completely new experience of online shopping to customers. The image search option on e-commerce will increase the search ability of the users. This option will let the customers find their matching products only by using online pictures or self-clicked images. The e-commerce will generate the search results matching the uploaded image.

Voice Assistant to Search a Product

People are giving attention to voice assistants like Google Home, Alexa and Siri to execute the desired task. Every customer has its way of speaking, thus versatile voice assistant to search product would drive sale on e-commerce. A flexible voice assistant easily understands the query of users and produces the matching results accordingly.

Efficient Shipping

Systematic packaging with marketing message regarding the efforts of the company on waste reduction and reuse can get on the customers’ consciousness. Consumers are focusing on shipping and packaging when getting the product delivered. Most of the online shoppers expect same day delivery. The smooth product delivery on the same day will provide better sale in upcoming days.

Physical Stores of Ecommerce

Physical stores offer a lot of ease to the customers. Various online platforms are opening their physical stores due to various reasons. The major reason is to offer convenient facilities like product trails and exchange. Amazon go is revolutionizing with grocery store allowing the consumers to select or decide what product they want. Consumers visit the store to check quality and select the product. Interestingly the payment will get deducted from the account automatically.

Minimum Browser Use

The coming years will show the dramatic downfall in browser use. Since mobile apps are quicker and more convenient as compare to the browser, these are taking over the market. All e-commerce giants are promoting app versions for online shopping. Also, the focus on advertisements and social media apps are driving interest resulting in priority of apps version of e-commerce platforms. The future of searching product on apps may diminish the browsers use in upcoming years.


The subscription e-commerce market has evolved and gained the growth of 500% in the last five years. It has generated over $2.6 billion for retailers and the average subscriber’s income is estimated from $50,000 to $100,000 every year. Now it is easier for growing retailers to provide the same degree convenience.

These e-commerce trends will be hit in 2019, as all these have one thing in common: these trends are or will make the online shopping experience easy for the consumers. Convenient for customers with little patience, these can fulfill their needs. This will lead to better online store options and can try the product as much as possible. In short, a convenient and user-friendly interface store is what consumers need.

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