Trendy Computer and Laptop Accessories 2019

Have you recently bought a new Laptop/computer and need to jazz it up a bit? Accessorizing is a new trend everyone seems to be following. These days every household have multiple electronic devices. They like to set them apart by accessorizing it in a different way.

The way your laptop looks can reveal something about your personality. For example, a businessman usually prefers darker tone accessories on their laptop. They have sleek, stylish and sophisticated covers for their gadgets; it helps complement their professional appearance. On the other hand, you must have seen students go for vibrant colors to add character to their gadgets.

The recent accessories for Computer and Laptop of 2019 are:

  • Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Gone are days of wires surrounding your computer. There are wireless keyboards and mice available which makes it easy to work. There is no cluster of wires you need to untangle and it won’t take a lot of space in your laptop bags.

There are different types of wireless mouse available which you can choose from depending on your requirement.

  • Zebronics Dash Wireless Optical Mouse Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse(2.4 GHz Wireless, Black) – This has an advanced optical sensor technology. It is ergonomic and designed for comfort.
  • IBall Duo D1Combo Set is a stunning Keyboard and Mouse combo desk set. It has a piano-like finish and quick & easy multimedia controls.

You can check out some other wireless keyboards and mice here:

  • Keyboard and Laptop skin

Keyboard and Laptop cover help in making them less prone to scratches and in avoiding the accumulation of dirt in the keyboard.

There are several covers available online in different themes.

  •  Keyboard Cover Dust-Proof Silicone Keyboard Protector – There is a silicon keyboard cover which has a smooth texture and is dustproof. It’s also available in different designs. The best feature about this is that if you like eating while working then the waterproof cover will protect it from harming your laptop.   Check some out: https://www.mypcwala.com/category/mobile-accessories/
  • Multiple USB Ports

Don’t you think that there can never be enough USB ports in your Laptop? Then you need a USB Hub which has multiple ports to make your life easy. You can connect several devices to your computer at once and enjoy. Check some out:

  • Wireless Speakers

Everybody loves 100% sound quality with their laptop/computer. A good pair of Speakers can enhance your experience of watching a movie, watching sports games or listening to songs. If you don’t like to sit that close to your laptop bound with a wire then Wireless Speakers are the best.

  • IBall Breathless –BT49 4.1 Home Theater System (Black) is a full wood speaker for Deep and Pure sound. It has a higher bass with 6.55’’ Woofer.

Check others out here: https://www.mypcwala.com/category/computer-peripherals/speaker/

These are just some of the trendy Laptop and Computer accessories of 2019. You can find many more on our website with huge discounts. Visit now: https://www.mypcwala.com/

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